Hot16 B.A.R.S. “Loaded Lux” (audio)

Loaded Lux gave Hot16 Magazine some of that “Work” during his latest interview with “the ever so talented” Denecca Love…..check it out…FIRE!…..#NowYouKnowWutTimeItIs


Hot16 B.A.R.S. “Bonnie Godiva”

Bonnie Godiva showed Hot16 Magazine love when she saw us at The Ultimate Warrior Event, “Anarchy”…… Keep those Hot16s on deck Ma, you doing your thing…..#NowYouKnowWutTimeItIs


Hot16 B.A.R.S. “Forty Cal”

Forty Cal was in attendance at the Ultimate Warrior Rap Battle League (UW) Event, “Anarchy”. Denecca Love tried to catch 40 off guard but he wasn’t slipping. Check out this exclusive as 40 tear it down with a Hot16…. #NowYouKnowWutTimeItIs


Hot16 B.A.R.S. “Iron Sheikh”

Iron sheikh delivers an amazing Hot16 for Hot16 Magazine and continues to convince us why Top Teir Battle Rappers should be shaking in their boots….you heard it first, right here… #NowYouKnowWutTimeItIs


Hot16 Magazine Exclusive w/ Smack White On Summer Madness 2

Hot16 Magazine caught up with Smack at the proven grounds of summer madness 2. He talks celebrity hosting, and industry insider information with Hot16 Magazine. Check out this Hot16 Magazine Exclusive.



Math Hoffa (Who is NYB?)

Math Hoffa, DNA, D. Chamberz and Oun-P chop it up about the current state of battle rap…..

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Hot16 B.A.R.S Exclusive w/ John John Da Don & Qleen Paper (Chicago)

Hot16 Magazine caught up with John John Da Don and Qleen Paper directly following their battle in Chicago for Night Of Main Events 2. Check out their BARS! #NowYouKnowWutTimeItIs

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Rap Center


HOT16 MAGAZINE Sports Center For Battle Rap w/ DeNecca Love (Episode#1)

Hot16 Magazine talks BattlesArtistryRealismSwagg (BARS) w/ our first guess D. MClane. Check out the exclusive footage from the Feb 5th URL VIP EVENT immediately following this episode…stay tuned for more exclusive footage and interviews with your favorite artist……#NowYouKnowWutTimeItIs…

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Celeb News

Treach of Naughty by Nature’s Hot16 Magazine Exclusive

Treach hosted the Ultimate Warrior Event March 17 in Jersey w/ Arsenal vs T Rex, Calicoe vs O Red, Shotgun Suge vs Cortez on the card….Treach had a good time and even though there was a little misunderstanding, the event turned out good….stay tuned for BTS exclusive footage of the misunderstanding….We not gonna stop “Bringing [...]

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Recent Articles

“Just-Us:” A Look at the Trayvon Martin Story

In this case “Just-us” is a play on words. It is first to question if the African-American race is a target in our America, and to question where the  justice is for 17-year old Trayvon Martin.  George Zimmerman gunned down Trayvon Martin while he was walking home from the store. It’s been three weeks since the fatal shooting and [...]

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