“Just-Us:” A Look at the Trayvon Martin Story

In this case “Just-us” is a play on words. It is first to question if the African-American race is a target in our America, and to question where the  justice is for 17-year old Trayvon Martin.  George Zimmerman gunned down Trayvon Martin while he was walking home from the store. It’s been three weeks since the fatal shooting and no arrests have been made. It seems the Florida police believe that Zimmerman was acting in the name of self-defense. In America I thought we allowed juries to decide whether or not a person should be indicted. In the state of Florida they have a law, the “Stand Your Ground” law that expands one’s right to claim self-defense beyond the walls of their home and allows for Florida residents to use deadly force if they feel threatened. Now is that not quite vague? Is a personal threat not different to everyone? And when a law is left up to the interpretation of the people does that not cause chaos? That was a lesson we learned long ago which is why we now have the United States Supreme Court to interpret the laws that govern our country. It is so that we may find clarity when making moral or legal decisions and so that we may be held accountable for our actions. Those are just a few of the shortcomings of the Justice system in the state of Florida. If we recap, over the past year some of the major cases that shocked our country occurred in the the sunshine State; a Florida jury found no justice for two-year old Caylee Anthony  and Florida mother, Julie Powers Schenecker, killed her two teens for exercising their first amendment rights. There seems to be a theme here. It seems that Florida’s loose laws lead to dead children and no justice. One might think that this is the point where the federal Government would step in and lead it’s lost child back to understanding. Instead, a family grieves and a murderer runs free after committing a hate crime. These killings were not gang related, not influenced by rap music or hip-hop culture nor did video games have anything to do with. For if those things were to blame for these actions there would be a congressional hearing, a court date, and the judge would be starting his sentence with at least 25 to life. Where are our priorities?


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  1. CORY says:

    JUSTICE FOR THIS BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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